Disappearing Leaves on My Purple Passion Plant!

I brought in to my sun porch with a tropical fuchsia some leaf munching caterpillars in late September, and have been plagued ever since with sudden attacks that leave only the nubs of the stem and a little rib where once had been lush leaves.  I had hoped I had found all the little boogers except all of a sudden last week it started back… Here is what I found this morning.  I am glad they won’t have a chance to lay eggs somewhere.  So, remember to be extra vigilant right now, all kinds of plant pests are going to be materializing in your indoor gardens.

Come see me and my Green Mansion terrariums at the Garden Path Studio Holiday Open House on Sunday Dec 13, 1-6 pm.  597 Madison at Marshall.  Live music, holiday cheer and maybe a little shopping, too.   Ceramics, paintings, wearable woven art, photos, jewelry, terrariums, and more! Follow this page for updates, or post any inquiries, or email greenmansionsmemphis@yahoo.com.  Ya’ll come! 

The above newly planted bowl of espicia has really grown beautifully, and I found a cool space helmety top for it to grow into.  It is about to start blooming just in time for the sale!