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So last year I bought this odd little figurine of what appeared to be a native Hawaiian man carrying a surfboard; through the magic of the Internet I learned it was made in the 60’s by Coco Joe, a Hawaiian artist, from lava.  I have been planning and collecting elements to make a terrarium to showcase him ever since.

Come see Kahuna’s Dream at the Garden Path Studio Open House on Dec 13, at 597 Madison at Marshall from 1 to 6.  He is in a 16 inch bubble bowl, and would be stunning as a centerpiece on someone’s dinner table this Christmas.

Kahuna is now 4 months old and is really hitting a peak in design.  He needs to live with someone who will enjoy trimming some of his more boisterous plants a few times a year, but otherwise requires very little maintenance.  For only $350,  you can take home this unique, fascinating, dreamy seascape who will bring you many years of pleasure.

Check the posting on the Open House above, or send a message with any questions.  Hope to see you there for some plant chats.



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