Jewel Orchid Joyous February Bloomer

I know, it’s March 1, but this beauty has been blooming since early February and still going gangbusters.  It blooms once a year, always early February.

The blooms last a month or more.  No scent that I’ve noticed.

The show starts in December as the buds begin to develop, growing plump and elongating as the weeks pass until one morning, poof, the first flower has unfurled.

Unlike the epiphytes more commonly seen in stores everywhere, this is a terrestrial.  I found it as a two or three inch baby by itself in a display of succulents in a nursery down in Kenner, Louisiana, and knew it was special. Kind of gangly, pink veined purple leaves, what’s not to love?

Have a great March, Spring is busting out all over, hooray!

Peace and Love – Nancy

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