I collect and propagate miniature exotic tropical plants suitable for low light and high humidity conditions, for use in my living art creations, and my mini-greenhouses are popping their tops with an abundance of extras, so I’m having a build your own workshop to share the largesse.  If you want to learn the art and science of designing, building, and maintaining these miniature rainforests from an expert, don’t miss this opportunity.

Sign up today, space is limited to 6 people for each workshop, then come have fun playing in the dirt with us. 

 The first workshop is from 1 to 3 pm, the second is from 3:30 to 5:30, on Sunday June 12, at 700 North Belvedere in Midtown Memphis.

Here’s how it works:

The base price of $45 includes the gravel, activated carbon, sphagnum moss, and my special soil mix designed for use in terrariums; detailed instructions and information from the Memphis Plant Lady herself, and an ongoing hotline for answers to any questions you may have as your little green friend grows and changes. Then, customize the terrarium to suit your space and taste by your choice of glassware, plants, and accessories.

Plants cost $5 to $15 each (most are $5 but for the true collector I have a few rare gems I can share).

I’ll have a variety of sizes and shapes of glassware on hand, from $10 to $60 or so dollars, or better yet, bring your own glassware with you. Make sure the glass is clear, no ripples or waves, and that you can get your hand easily through the opening; it should be at least 10 inches deep; it must be watertight; remember it will be much heavier going home, so not too big.

Accessories are things like geodes and crystals, petrified wood, fairies or dinosaurs. Again, bring your own to make it just how you want it, or buy some from my huge stash of little interesting things. No metal or plaster items are suitable.

You can make more than one; an additional charge for the planting substrates may apply. Send me a message at the link below or call me at 901-828-3685. Hope to see you there!


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