me2014 Do you want plants in your world but just don’t know what to do? A terrarium is a great way to have a low maintenance world of green.  My terries are special creations, tiny hideaways for quiet contemplation, where you can leave behind the over-stimulation of public life.  All are built with plants specifically selected for their ability to stay small and thrive in the low light and high humidity of closed glass containers.  I keep them for weeks or months before sending them off to live with new friends, so I can train the plants through selective trimming and mold the unique whimsical or realistic design which is revealed in the process.

Or maybe you want to learn how to fill your home or office with plants. I am available to consult by meeting with you in your personal environment so I can make recommendations tailored to fit your space and lifestyle.  I can teach you the basics  you need to be successful, instead of puzzled and disappointed, and provide you with unique tropical plants which will be happy to live with you for many years.  Give me a call at 901-828-3685 or drop me an email.  Follow this website for special offers, discounts, and updates on sale events, workshops, and more!  Thanks for dropping by.  Nancy Morrow