How to Get Your Own Terry

Terries, plants and supplies are available by appointment, along with the opportunity to learn  about the world of gardening under glass.  Prices for “portables” range from$20 for small moss bowls up to $450 or more for an 18 inch bubble bowl.  Average desktop designs are $45 to $80.  Table top sizes of 8-12 inch average $100 – $250.  Pricing depends on container, decor, and rarity of plants used, plus the age.  Terrariums change as they grow, the environment becomes more stable, and the designs are developed with careful trimming and training.  You could call it bonsai under glass.

I have sales and workshops several times a year, and private “build your own” parties are available by appointment.  Custom designs are my specialty, and inquiries on plant matters are welcome.  Just fill in the contact form below, or call 901-828-3685.  Hope to hear from you soon.   Click the button to follow the site for updates, and thanks for stopping by.  Nancy Morrow

Verdant pasture with zebra and crystals
Verdant pasture with zebra and crystals

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