How to Care for Your Live Moss

Blue-eyed White Tiger
Blue-eyed White Tiger

LIVE MOSS – CUSHION, BROOM, HAIRCAP.  OR ROCKCAP – MODERATE LIGHT – Mist often if no cover. Remove the cover frequently to clear moisture and let it breathe. It may dry out without dying, just like in nature; if so, soak it well and make sure dirt is wet, too.  Add water slowly so it doesn’t puddle; if you see water standing in the bowl, gently tilt it to pour it out.  Moss doesn’t need or like to be fed  anything but rainwater (or water from an aquarium!).  Please call or e-mail me with any questions.  I sell plants because they bring me much joy and peace, and I want to share this with others.   Nancy  Morrow, [email protected]

Terrarium Care

Tips for Keeping Your Terrarium Healthy

krishna bowl

When maintaining your terrarium, it’s important to remember some of the simple tips listed below:’

The terrariums all need bright, indirect light; much direct sunlight can overheat the container or burn the plants. Most terrariums will be happy a foot or so from an east window, or in a north window, and they shine like jewels 2-3 feet under fluorescent light.

If your terry has a lid, moisture may cloud the glass. Take the top off and it will clear in a few minutes. You can leave the top off a day or two to let it dry a little to cut down on condensation. Take the top off at least every few days to refresh the air (sniff the air that comes out, it smells like a rainforest).

The open tops will need to be misted every few days and will need watering on occasion, probably every few weeks.  Covered terries will lose water if the top does not have a tight seal, and will need watering every few months.  The easiest way to tell is that the soil gets lighter and less compact in appearance as it dries out;  you may notice the plants getting a little droopy, too, or the moss will look dry.

Use a small container, like a shotglass, and block most of the top with a few fingers, then gently pour all around to cover the surface lightly. You’ll see the water moving through the soil toward the gravel.  Slowly add the water in sips so it spreads through the soil rather than flowing straight to the gravel.  It is difficult to rehydrate totally dry planting substrate,and you may want to call or email with questions.

Feed with fish emulsion, etc., at ½ strength, only once or twice a year.  Eventually you may have to trim some leaves to keep things under control. Avoid putting food on any moss if possible. It’s not really complicated, but you have to pay attention – there are a lot of living things in there depending on your help. Please call or e-mail me with any questions. I sell plants because they bring me much joy and peace, and I want to share this with others. Nancy Morrow, 991-828-3685 or [email protected]