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Moms Love Terrariums! Take a Look and Give Me a Call

Check out some of the little rainforests ready and waiting for new homes, and give me a call to come pick one up.  Any questions, give me a call or send an email below.  Please follow me on Facebook and webpage for updates.

Happy Spring

Nancy Morrow




Selaginella peacock fern, 10 inches, requires maintenance



Castle under an antique cake plate,  Mosses, begonia prismacarpa, McGravia, crystals



Hemigraphis, McGravia, neoregelia, freckles peperomia, deer bones, 10 x 8 inches




Begonia prismacarpa, mosses, 7 x 5 inch



Cryptanthus earth star, Mosses, McGravia, crystal cluster, requires maintenance





McGravia, petrified wood, 7 x 5 inches



Selaginella Ruby Red, Mosses, freckles peperomia, crystals, sea glass, 10 x 10 x 5




Maidenhair fern, Mosses, 10 inches , requires maintenance



More at the Mansion, but you get the general idea.  If you want something a little bigger, designed for your space and built on site, let’s get together and talk it over soon.




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2 replies on “Moms Love Terrariums! Take a Look and Give Me a Call”

I have a couple of Nancy’s “terries” and have had them several years. I love the fantasy world that lives in the glass bowls. I’m sure moms of all ages will like them as well. Thanks Plant Lady!

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