Sara Beth’s New Green Mansion

By February 21, 2016Large Custom Projects

Sara Beth bought a Wardian case while visiting in St. Louis, and brought it by to see if I could plant it for her.

  I’ve looked at these miniature ornamental iron and glass contraptions many times, but never planted one as they are for some reason designed more for showing with artificial plants (ack!) than actually for planting.  The glass panes were not sealed, and the metal tray in the bottom rattled around unsecured, with a gap between the sides of the tray and frame.  I got my good friend Donn to seal it all very neatly with aquarium safe silicone sealer, then headed East to plant the little guy.

Sara Beth has a perfect little nook for the terrarium, with a large south facing window and plantation shutters to filter the brighter beams

So I gathered my rocks, gravel, activated carbon, sphagnum moss and, of course,

 My special terrarium soil mix.  I like to mix soil in this enamel washpan my friend, Alisa, gave me years ago.

I propagate most of my plants in little mini greenhouses like this box of espicia, peacock fern, and ficus pumila.

 I like using selaginella in terries, and this variety grows tall enough to fill the tall case.   Two little fittonia huddle in the corner.

It wil take a few months for everyone to settle and start really filling the space,  but I think it turned out pretty nice.

Two kinds of hemographis reptans, peacock fern, selaginella cypress moss, espicia, ficus pumila, feather moss

I think they will be very happy together for many years to come.

One main reason I am in this business is to share the joy of living with plants.  Please send me a note if you want to learn more, or to set up a consultation to get your own Green Mansion.

Peace and love – Nancy