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Hey – Want to See Something Cool I’ve Been Doing With Plants?

Hey Everybody – Long time, no see! 

I started making RootWorks a while back.  Want to see? After using tillandsia (air plants) in terrariums for years:

A couple of years ago, I started mounting tillies on interesting sticks, much like they grow in the wild, but a little fancier:


Well, I got to be a little more elaborate, you know?  So now I’m getting boxes of tillandsias from warmer climes.  All nicely wrapped, packed to be safe and secure while traveling, they are a little smushed and thirsty when they arrive:


I give them a nice soaking and after an hour so to drip dry, they are a lot happier:


My walking buddy Chris is very patient with me; we find a lot of interesting roots and branches on the Midtown curbs to carry home:

I gather many shiny things from here and there:

And interesting stones and pebbles


I’ll study on the roots and limbs that I’ve collected, until I begin to see plants that will incline and nestle gracefully, coming together into a small community.

It’s an absorbing, contemplative way to spend time – slowly over weeks and months, as the plants settle in, I begin to see the parts come together into a whole:


These tillandsia caput medusa were alone on this root for months, then I found this blue poison dart frog who was happy to join them:

Then this Buddha decided it would be a good place to seek enlightenment:


Here’s another RootWork I’ve been working with for months, it’s really coming together nicely.  You can see how it has grown and changed as I’ve worked with it:


I really liked the idea of a sand dollar as a full moon rising behind the mermaid, but they are so fragile, I decided to look for an alternative.


This scallop shell is really nice, I think, and the way it lights up for a brief time every morning as the light moves through the window is magical:

I’ve been looking around for something to make a little belt for this lovely mermaid to cover the waxed thread that keeps her in place – so far, haven’t found it.  You can see what manifests in a later post!

More photos to come – I’d rather plant than post, so if you want to come by the studio to see some RootWorks and terrariums in person, maybe take one home, give me a holla!

Located in Midtown Memphis, I’m open by appointment for holiday shopping for terrariums, kokedama, and RootWorks.  Or you can schedule a time to build your own terrarium – maybe bring a friend, too.  Give me a call at 901-828-3685, email to [email protected], or fill out the contact form  below.

All right – that’s enough for now.  Hope to see or hear from you soon.




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    Build Your Own Terry

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    Thanks again to Chris and Peter and Mike and everyone else at the studio who made this possible!


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