Interesting Tidbits Terrarium Care

So Where Should I Put This Terrarium?

The bright filtered light in the Crosstown Concourse is perfect for this terrarium of moss and selaginella. It is more than a year old, and requires trimming every 4-6 months.

Living as I do surrounded by potted plants and terrariums, I sometimes feel like St. Exupery’s Little Prince on his home planet, carefully attending to the Rose’s needs for sun, water, and protection from the evening chill, and enjoying her companionship in return. Plants are sentient creatures, and once you become attuned to their modes of communication it gets easier to care for them, and the pleasure they bring to you magnifies.



You can put them away from a window so long as you have a broad spectrum light. Plants need light to make food, remember?


Terry babies of moss need bright light, these are in an east window. You can’t just put these little guys in a bookcase

Give me a call to discuss your ideas on size and location for a terrarium in your home or office.  Whether you want something small right off my shelf today, or you want to plan and build something unique for your space, we can find a new little world of your own to cherish for many years.