Build Your Own Terry Interesting Tidbits philadelphia flower show

2015 Was a Lot of Fun, Bring It On 2016!

I went to Longwood Gardens in March when I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show.  Gorgeous snowy Bucks County, home of Andrew Wyeth and family

This conservatory was a welcome retreat from the snow.  My glasses almost end frosted when the humid air hit the frozen lenses!


This is one of many spectacular zoned connected greenhouses covering four acres. They have wonderful small concerts in a music room off this one.  I saw the lovely Anat Coen and really liked her drummer, Jonathan Friedman

I met a lot of great and interesting people, like Daniel and Gabriel. Their father, David, brought them to build terries for Christmas.
I think they had fun; I know I did.

Debbie came to get a little friend for her sister, and brought the incomparable Olive with her.

Going to spend the weekend planting for my show in February.

So this little guy is definitely ready for a new home.  He is from some exotic plant cuttings I got from my new rocking friend Todd.

Fill your hearts with love today. It may not be all you need but it sure helps.

xox  Nancy