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Terry Workshop at Valentine Counterfest Feb. 14

We had a great time at the sold-out build a terry workshop at Diane’s Art, Gift and Home.  Thanks to Diane and her sister, Joan,  (visiting from Greenville) for all the help; also to the fabulous Soriana Wood for taking photos (will post later) and more.  Just a word to let you know I am taking reservations now for the next workshop, which will be February 14 all afternoon at the Garden Path Studio’s second annual Valentine Counterfest -cool music, fun people, and great Made in Memphis gifts for your valentine, your Mom or kids, or, maybe YOURSELF!   Jimmy Crosthwait, Paulette Regan, Kristi Duckworth, Lizzie Beard, and more signing up – give me a holler if you want to join us as a vendor.  Come shop with us, or make your own gifts and cards with our supplies and advice.  It’s going to be a blast, so put it on your calendar now.  Email me at [email protected] for reservations for the terry building (see  for general details on workshops), and watch for updates.


What Should I Put in This Gumball Machine?

Found this old Gumball machine .... Gotta plant it!
Found this old Gumball machine …. Gotta plant it!

I’ve been studying on this for a few months, and am ready to do build a Valentine terry.  I thought about planting some sort of vine that will fill it and make a green ball, but the setup will be difficult to trim, so most likely a moss tableaux. I have been considering:

A). A tiny game of pickup baseball

B)  A red hot crystal blinging lobster.  Hmm, this one has a nice ring to it…

C)  Something Egyptian?

Any thoughts from faithful readers? My friend Les suggested I use the prizes in the little clear capsules; originally I didn’t go for the idea but it is starting to appeal to me… Decisions, decisions…