PopUp Shop at Java Cabana Feb 13 and Feb 14 – Ya’ll Come

I’ll be at the Home | JavaCabana Coffeeshop, 2170 Young Avenue, on Tuesday Feb 13 and Wednesday Feb 14, from 3 to 6 pm with a variety of terrariums and tilly treasures for sale.

Why give your baby a bouquet that will wither in days when you have these lovelies to bring home – they will grow and change for years with just a little attention and, well, LOVE!

Call me at 901-828-3685 for more information.  I’ll see you there!

Check out a few of what will be available:


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Last Week at Eclectic Eye – Terrariums for your Valentine!

Stop by the Eclectic Eye, 242 South Cooper at Peabody, before my show closes next week on February 9, you’ll be glad you did!  Lots of sizes and shapes, all unique and beguiling.  And we can hold it for you till Valentines Day, too.

Call me with any questions or send an email below.

Peace and Love!  Nancy Morrow


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Green Zazen Show and Sale Through Feb. 13

Remember to go see my exhibit at The Eclectic Eye, 242 South Cooper, sooner rather than later. The terries have been flying off the shelves (not FLYING but you get the picture) so don’t miss this rare opportunity to shop for your own Green Mansion. I delivered some more lovelies this week to wait for their new homes, maybe with you!

This gorgeous terry is named Nouveau Verde, and contains an assortment of miniature begonias, Mosses, tillandsia, neoregelia, crystals, petrified wood, and more.  The photo below was taken about nine months ago.  Go see it now, the begonias are spectacular!



Robbie liked the one below so much she decided to give it a permanent home at The Eclectic Eye, hooray!  I didn’t tell her, but I had named it Eclectic because of the curious assortment of elements in it.  The photo below was taken about nine months ago, go see how much it’s grown.




Many of the terry babies are built with Pygmy sundews, carnivores that trap tiny insects with their enticing sticky hairs:



And if you are in the Crosstown Concourse, go see my piece titled Mermaids Cove in the Homeward Bound exhibit at Crosstown Arts through January 27.

As always, feel free to call me at 901-828-3685 with any questions or send me  message.  Peace and love to us all.

Nancy Morrow

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Sales and Open House Events

Terrariums Show Your Love for Years, and No Calories!

I have a gorgeous collection of Green Mansions ready for new homes, so give me a call at 901-828-3685 or send me a message if you want something special for someone special!  Flowers are so cliche, and are gone in a few days.  My terries are unique and live for years, so make an appointment to come check them out before they are all gone.

Bruce! 12 inch running pteris fern and Mosses, $180


Peacock moss selaginella and feather moss, what a great green idea. 8 inches tall, $30


This guy is heavy, about 18inches in diameter and will need a good sized space. It is in an antique glass cake carrying case, too not pictured. It will require some trimming and will be better for someone with a moderate level of plant proficiency. Antique glass with exotic plants, and a moss covered castle! $250


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