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Carnivorous Plants for Terries!

I’ve been unpacking my shipment of plants to start building new terrariums.   Take a look:






These tiny terrors are miniature tropical sundews in 2 inch pots.  They are exotic and alluring, and irresistible to passing insects.


Stay tuned for photos of their new homes, which will be on display and for sale in April at the WKNO Gallery.


Interested in planting your own terrarium?  The next workshops will be March 10 and 11, 2018.  Find more info on the event page, or call me at 901-828-3685.  Space is limited so don’t delay!

Peace and love, friends and neighbors.



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Interesting Tidbits Mosses Terrarium Plants

Moss Under Glass

This moss garden has been growing about a year and is really happy.  The baby fern appeared last month.  It will probably not grow much larger due to the limited resources, but is making a valiant stand.  Moss will grow well under glass if you can get past the initial transplant shock.