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Tillandsia Xerigraphica in Full Bud! Only 4 Available

Xerigraphica are like octopus plants with their mass of curled and twisting leaves.  The leaves expand and contract, too, reacting to the light and water conditions, and is a subtle pleasure to experience while holding one in your hand under a flow of water.  Or better yet, in the rain!

They only bloom after they mature,  and after blooming, usually will form a pup, which is a new plant.  I’ve seen clusters of these plants bigger than me.  Yowser!

I have four of these beauties in full bud for sale for $30 each, so if you are in the Memphis area, give me a call soon to come get one, they won’t last long.  Peace, love, and all good things to us all.




Happy Mother’s Day Plant People!

This is the first post on my newly revamped website.  Thanks, Rod Kirby, for your patience and diligent help in getting me up and running in time for Mom Shopping!

imageMom like birds?  This secret moss bowl, with a magpie on top, and a little red hen inside, nestled in a bed of soft, growing moss, may be just the ticket at $45.image







imageOr something a little more dazzling?  This ten inch tulip vase is more than a year old, with a beautiful espicia that blooms under very low light conditions.  Little Dorothy is filled with crystals, geodes, and more to form an impish wonderland, and will grow to fill this container in a year or so if not kept trimmed.  $125




Or, best of all, book an afternoon Build a Terry party for mom and a crew to get their hands in the dirt and make their own living art to enjoy for years to come.  Pricing for parties vary based on materials chosen for customizing, but basic 8 inch bowl and three basic plants is $75 per person, minimum of two and maximum of five people.  Bring your own wine …

Get your hands in the dirt
Get your hands in the dirt
cp8Give me a call at 901-828-3685 or drop me an email using form below.  Thanks for stopping by, and remember to follow this site for cool news, info, and event listings.

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Interesting Tidbits Sales and Open House Events Tillandandsias a/k/a Air Plants

Air Plant Farmer at Arkansas Flower and Garden Show Feb 26-28, 2016

If you are in the Little Rock area this weekend, don’t miss the opportunity to meet a true character in the plant world, my friend Michael Seal, who has a large variety of tillandsias, commonly known as air plants, and other bromeliads for sale.  He imports and grows these fascinating plants in southern Mississippi at his nursery, The Funny Farm.  You can buy individual plants, or air plant arrangements on wood, stone, or even hanging air plant mobiles!

The show is at the Statehouse Convention Center, 101 East Markham, in Little Rock. For more info go to Arkansas Garden Show. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to buy the healthiest tillandsias you will ever see, with a wide variety to choose from, at direct from the grower prices.  Michael can tell you the tips and tricks for keeping these little fellows happy and healthy, so head over to the show this weekend and tell him the Memphis Plant Lady told you to say Hey!

Here are a few of the many beautiful tillies you will see at The Funny Farm: