Terrariums, Kokedama, Tillandsia Sculptures at Five in One Social Club Dec 11 – 18

Hey, come see me at the Five in One Social Club, 2575 Summer Avenue, Memphis, and get some groovy green something something for yourself or someone you love.  I’ll be on site Saturday December 11 from noon to 3 pm to answer questions and make suggestions for your environment – the sale runs December 11 thru December 18, open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  You can also call me at 901-828-3685 to ask any questions or set up a time to visit my studio to shop, build your own, or order a special creation.  Below photos are representative – will post items for sale next week.  OBOY



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Holiday Open House? Not So Much in 2020

I’ll be on Checking on the Arts with Kaky Walton, along with the super talented Melissa Bridgeman, on Monday December 7 at 3:49 pm discussing our plans for holiday sales this year.  Give a listen on WKNO Radio FM 91.1, ok?  Or after air date, check for link to listen below.

Send me a message or give me a call at 901-828-3685 if you are interested in adding a little something exotic and tropical to your holidays! I’ll be posting some photos and info over the next few weeks, too.


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It’s that time again, what with the cold and gray of winter descending on us, to get a little green to brighten your home or office.  Terrariums are great gifts for anyone who likes nature (and, really, who doesn’t like nature?) and particularly for us urban dwellers, with no space or time to garden.

 Come see me Sunday December 18, from noon to four pm, and I’ll help you pick just the right creation, whether simple and low maintenance for the novice, or more elaborate for a plant enthusiast to trim and train.

Seeking something truly unique?  Think kokedama!

And that’s not all!  Alisa Botto will be here with some photos from her Suburban Skies series, and they’re fabulous!

I’ll be cooking some nibbles, too, and hope you can come share some holiday cheer.  Check it all out below, send me a message, or call me at 901-828-3685 for more information.  Ya’ll Come!


Tiny green jewels


Suburban Sky









Creeping ficus kokedama





Kokedama for Elegant Greenery All Winter

Kentucky Blue Rabbits Foot Fern send their little toes out around thr moss ball, with its fronds floppy ears a oce
Kentucky Blue Rabbits Foot Fern send their little toes out around the moss ball, with its  fronds like green ears above

Creeping ficus kokedama

Creeping ficus

Kokedama are a form of bonsai, and make an elegant, unusual display for plant enthusiasts.  The soil mix for the root ball is long fiber sphagnum moss, a special soil mix, and potters clay.  It is covered in live moss, then wrapped securely with waxed thread.  Put them where they will get bright morning light, or dappled afternoon sunshine.  Try to heavily mist the moss every day for best results, and soak the root ball every week or so.  Wait till you can feel it becoming lightweight, then soak thoroughly till it draws water all the way to the top.  Don’t let it stay saturated, it will suffocate.


Cryptanthus are perfect for Kokedama. You can sit them on a plate with pebbles or a grate, to allow air on most of the surface of the moss